That's what we're here to clear up! For higher table charges, this sometimes includes your first beverage. Fees start at 770 yen (tax included) per person for an hour, in addition to any food or beverages you may order. Maid cafes have exploded in popularity across Japan over the past few years. This is why when we say we are the best choice to get your home cleaned in Miami, we mean it! Usually, we think of pop culture cafes these are the kitschy, colorful establishments where the staff wear less conservative costumes and interact in a fun way with the customers. You'll hear the standard maid greeting of "Welcome back, Master," the moment you step in. Learn More >. I HAVE USED MANY CLEANING SERVICES IN THE PAST AND NOTHING COMPARES TO THE LEVEL OF SERVICE PERFORMED BY THIS COMPANY, THEY TAKE CARE OF ALL MY, They are very friendly,attentive and have done their work in a reasonable amount of time. With Maid Svc, you can be confident that whomever you gift our services to, they will enjoy every part of it. Maid cafs are not just coffee shops with waitresses dressed as maids. Maid cafes are where you can find adorably dressed maids, swanky live performances, and fantastic food. The only stand alone maid cafe in Orlando. We spoke with a former maid, who recommends these five fun cafes for beginners. The investment in the meter is a no brainer, for the experience. The maids and butlers of Cafe Kira Hoshi would like to invite you to enjoy a one-of-a-kind experience! Maid Cafe | Miami | Cafe Kira Hoshi Welcome To CAFE KIRA HOSHI apply Want to join our team? Our house cleaners in Miami clean all types of apartments, including studios, townhomes, single-family homes, villas and mobile homes. Were fully bonded and insured and our easy, no-fuss pricing means youll get a transparent service with no hidden charges or unexpected fees. There's also an original maid blend going for 500 yen, and the recipe for this drink changes according to the conversations you've had so far. we offer cleaning services in Miami. Ive spoken to a few tourists in the past who have been tempted to pre-drink before their first maid caf experience to offset any potential awkwardness trust me if youre drunk youll make it awkward. In fact, when a female customer arrives at the cafeteria the waitresses greet with an okaeri nasaimase, ojosama (welcome home, mistress). And we have the best person to guide us through the experience as well - a former maid by the name of Mariannu. We know that cleaning isnt much fun. They systematically review the space, develop a strategy to perform the job and waste no time removing dirt, sanitizing, vacuuming, mopping and cleaning all areas. The pastel colors are as sweet as they taste! As long as you have chips in your possession, you're allowed to stay for however long you like. Maid Svc continues to provide the best cleaning service throughout Edgewater Miami. A sparkling clean home is closer than you think. Welcome back! I cant give you an exact figure to set aside for your maid caf visit, as each caf will be different and prices have probably changed since my last visit, but many cafs will have their menus and price lists online do your research before you go if youre on a tight budget to avoid nasty shocks. Our cleaners are true pros and make sure your Miami Beach home is spotless. Before visiting a maid cafe in Japan, you should know just exactly what youre getting yourself into. Maidreamin: A cafe with universal appeal that entertains guests from varied demographics, 5. You can feel lord for a day and enjoy a bit of Japanese otaku culture at a maid caf. Our cleaning professionals are trained to take more of a personal approach. A place where you can come to relax, have fun, and eat delicious food. It depends on the type of caf you opt for. We are more than just a cleaning company. Wotagei means "otaku art", and is traditionally performed by idol group otaku, or enthusiasts, during concerts or events using glow sticks. Depending on the cafe you choose to visit, is that there might be a nomihdai option, meaning all-you-can-drink alcohol for the duration of your stay, which can help you forget about the seating fee altogether. Normally in all cafs they say isasshaimase (welcome) to the customer who arrives, and arigato gozaimashita (thank you very much) to the customer who leaves. In fact, we have 2 offices because our customers love us and we want to make sure every house is available for cleaning. We guarantee our work with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. But how to visit, and what are some of the best maid cafes in Akihabara for first-timers? "I don't really write many reviews but this place has gotten my attention so much, that I couldn't just not write a review. CafesJuice Bars & SmoothiesCoffee & TeaWynwood, I don't really write many reviews but this place has gotten my attention so much, that I couldn't just not write a review. Their role is to serve food and drinks to customers, while making conversation, and entertaining them with entertainment. This place is so good, that I am pretty sure the meter maids around there are also ninjas! You may be able to catch a glimpse of wotagei, the representative performing art of Akihabara, in its full glory! The waitresses draw pictures on the food, and perhaps do something fascinating to make it more delicious. Our dedicated cleaning service will always make sure your home is transformed into a spotless clean home. We are one of Miamis leading cleaning companies providing quality housekeeping services for high rise condos. Worst case scenario, youll cringe through the hour and have a funny story to tell when you get home. The maid staff here are dressed in classic maid wear and trained to provide wholehearted and thoughtful services to guests. Theyre naturally derived, they smell wonderful, and theyre a healthy, responsible replacements for synthetic fragrances. Maid Cafes can be a cuteness overload, but in the many years since their first inception in 2001, you can find many maid cafe offshoots with themes that cater to different tastes. Very Good service !!!!! If it's cuteness you're looking for, you'll get it in spades in this maid cafe for sure. Since this is a casino theme park and not an actual casino, you're not allowed to exchange the chips back for money. Were proud of our long record of exceptional maid and cleaning services and were so confident youll be pleased with the results, we guarantee our work 100%. Maid cafe's are a subcategory of cosplay restaurants, commonly found in the Akihabara district of Japan.Waitresses are dressed as maids and interact with you while they serve you delicious hand decorated food. on time, job well done !!! Choose from a milk or soda base and see what color you end up with! Our cleaning service has built a reputation throughout Midtown Miami as one of best residential cleaning companies. Once confirmed, your housekeeper will arrive with supplies and equipment! If the idea doesnt sit right with you, dont go its unlikely youll feel any better about it once youre in there. This can all feel a bit awkward at first, as its not the usual caf experience but once you get over the initial weirdness of singing songs in bunny ears with a stranger in a maid costume its actually a lot of fun. *This article was originally published in June 2019. This very interesting study talks about the prevalence of long-term emotional relationships being formed between maid caf staff and regular customers and provides a fascinating insight into why this particular caf theme has survived and thrived in Japanese culture for over twenty years now. @Home Cafe: Relax at leisure in its spacious environment, 2. Using this application, you can easily connect to the Free Wi-Fi provided by NTTBP. Also, having your photo taken with your maid is often part of the combo deal snapping pictures of your server outside of this allotted time makes you the caf equivalent of those people in Disneyland who take sneaky phone pictures of their rollercoaster reaction photo on the gift shop screen. 7 Reasons Why Fashion Is Always Changing In Japan, Understanding Japan's High Context Culture, 9 Most Exciting Autumn Festivals in Japan, Top 7 Inspiring Fashion Designers Of Japan. Drinks in the shop start at 300 yen for a soft drink or 600 yen for an alcoholic beverage. About Mirai Maid Cafe We are convention based Maid Cafe out of Orlando Fl! Personally, I dont think this is a must-see activity. Nespresso boutique in Miami Beach. Many order this beverage because of the potential for pleasant surprises it offers. You deserve to arrive at your home to a cleaner and healthier environment and that is the cleaning service were here to provide. Best Maid Cafe near me in Miami, Florida Sort:Recommended All Price Open Now Offers Delivery Offers Takeout 1. Dont spend the entire day scrubbing and mopping floors. We provide top-tier cleaning services you wont find anywhere else in Coconut Grove. Residents of metro Miami, MaidPro is ready to handle your house cleaning needs. My team really appreciated their attention to detail when working with large portfolios. If youre uncertain, your best bet is to research a particular caf in advance of your visit so you can make a call on whether or not your kids would enjoy it. Between putting on a live show every 2 hours, and with each maid coming with her own unique backstory, Maidreamin seeks to offer an unforgettable experience from start to finish. We ensure that ourcleaners are properly trained to provide every client with a seamless experience. Once you're comfortably seated, the system and menu will be carefully explained to you, helping you to feel at ease even if it may be your first time visiting a maid cafe. We also provide services to medical facilities, such as hospitals, nursing homes, and medical centers. Needless to say, we highly recommend the tea helpings here as well. Being able to see live singing, dancing, and wotagei up-close is a culture peculiar to maid cafes located in Akihabara. The 858 yen (tax included) "Doubutsutan Parfait" is another popular item. There are Victorian-style maid cafes, where maids are dressed conservatively, and provide very high-end, old-school service. Highly recommended! Your ichiban tenshi Mitsu is infiltrating the Asayoru Cafe blogs! You can also take commemorative photos with the maids here, or play competitive games with them.". Some coffee shops provide explanations in English and letters in multiple languages, as there are many customers who do not speak Japanese. Below are some images and media from the game. Have a comment, question, or concern? Our clients love the cleanings and continue to request them week by week. Hope to see you there! Using a burst of superheated steam, our steam mops eliminate dirt, bacteria, allergens, and more. Nov 27, 2022 Birthday Mitsu's Birthday Event Recap Hello, masters and princesses! Katie B. Doral, FL. Our last recommendation for this article is Akiba Guild, an entertainment venue with a casino theme where you can play poker, blackjack, and other games often found in casinos. Youll find them all over Japan but if youre hoping to just stumble across a cool looking one, then your best bet is to head towards Akihabara. Some people feel uncomfortable with the concept of a maid caf. Unfortunately, in todays demanding world we dont always have time to clean and sanitize our home. In these cafeterias, also known as meido kissa, it is common for waitresses to be dressed in a kind of cute French maid outfit laden with ruffles and bows with a miniskirt. These are some of the best maid cafes Japan has to offer. If you have a question about our cafe fill out our form below. If you get the opportunity to work with this company you are in good hands. Miami, Brickell, Miami Beach, Downtown, Kendall, Coral Gables, Doral, Hialeah, Hialeah Gardens, Miami Gardens, Miami Lakes, Miami Shores, North Bay Village,North Miami, North Miami Beach, Opa-locka, South Miami, Golden Beach, Aventura, Theres so much to do in Miami, Florida, why would you spend your time cleaning? Aka the. Something went wrong while submitting the form. Saturday: 12:00 PM - 7:00 PM. Cafe Kira Hoshi strives to bring the fun and cute atmosphere of an Akihabara style maid cafe to OtakuFest! Using single use supplies is important to prevent the spread of these organisms into your home. The fee is 660 yen (tax included) per person for 60 minutes with one drink. "The best Cuban outside of Cuba!". Maid cafe's are a subcategory of cosplay restaurants, commonly found in the Akihabara district of Japan. Therefore, most cafes prohibit touching waitresses (this includes even shaking hands). Fees here are paid in advance. Our staff go through an extensive background check and training program. Our maids will cast a spell on the desserts to make them taste even better! 8. 3. Next up: Maidreamin Akihabara! Midtown Miami. And this isn't the only animal-themed food item you'll find on the menu, too! Demetrio and the clan continue to remind me of that every time I go. Here at Pro Housekeepers, our customers are king. Our premium House Cleaning services In Miami will give your house the look and feel of a new home. Akiba Zettai Ryoiki: Themed maid cafe with a nod to furries, 4. The atmosphere of the maid cafs is very friendly and relaxed. As you step into the store, an usher maid will welcome you as if you have just returned home. Success! At Cure Maid Cafe, afternoon tea and and lunch is readily available during the day, while delicious wine and dinner items are served up at night. You can expect these dishes to be dressed with special designs or handwritten messages using ketchup or sauce. Mariannu: "Each and every maid here is an attraction! This place is so good, that I am pretty sure the meter maids around there are also ninjas! being shouted by those at the blackjack table, making you realize you're in a maid cafe after all. All Right Reserved. We would even recommend it to anyone new to Akihabara as well! Reviews of the MIA Cafe, which stands for Maid in Angels, point to the friendliness of the staff despite language gaps, along with the great tasting food as highlights of their experience. Mealtime is one hour for all guests. It is said that the first maid caf in Japan was CURE MAID CAFE, which opened in 2001 in Akihabara. Downtown Miamis residential cleaning service follows a custom cleaning approach when we provide our services for your home. Going to a maid caf for the first time can be a bit of an awkward situation, but its something youll probably never experience again so give it a try! For dessert, try the pretty pink "Ojochama Sundae" for 770 yen (tax included), or the cool blue version, "Obocchama Sundae" for the same price. Colorful, Crazy, and Kawaii: Tokyos Top 6 Sweets and Desserts that We Cant Get Enough of! Affleck Palace in Manchester takes up Japanese "maid cafe" culture, where staff are . The Dark Side of Japan's Maid Cafe Industry Hiding In My Room 112K subscribers Join Subscribe 1.1K Share Save 50K views 1 year ago Exploring Japan's Maid Cafe Industry Maid cafs. Some staff can also speak English. From your career to your kid's school, family gatherings, etc, dont miss the opportunity of doing the things you love but still maintain a clean and fresh home in Coral Gables. The Perfect American Maid Maid & Butler Services (786) 234-7577 6850 Coral Way Miami, FL 33155 12. The maid cafe has an impressive lineup of food and drinks that will satisfy those with big and small appetites alike. The interior is lined with tables for casino games and roulettes. What did people search for similar to maid cafe near Miami, FL? Our house cleaners in Miami clean all types of apartments, including studios, townhomes, single-family homes, villas and mobile homes. "Oishikunare, moemoekyun! Search results are sorted by a combination of factors to give you a set of choices in response to your search criteria. Ive been using Pro Housekeepers since the beginning of the year, twice per month and couldnt be happier. Maid cafes are generally designed to appeal to male otaku hoping to live out the fantasy of being the master of a grand private home - which is why customers tend to be greeted as 'sir' or 'master' upon entering. When is the Best Time to Visit Japan and Learn Japanese? The dessert menu is where the kawaii-ness, or cuteness, of a maid cafe really shines. This cafe is a great, laid-back option for those who worry they might be overwhelmed by the hyper-cuteness of other typical maid cafes. Saying that, some maid caf do have alcoholic drinks available to order in-house if you fancy something a little bit stronger than green tea. While each shop has its own decor and uniform style, the interior design and food items of all shops are designed to look as photogenic as possible. Maid pop culture is one of Japan's representative subcultures, and it has gained much popularity around the world in recent years as well! In my spare time I write short stories and, I am the author of the book Touching the Stars.More articles by Mara Lupiez, Tokyo Office Everything is important to us the way it looks, how it feels, and how it smells. are available to homeowners and businesses across Miami and the surrounding area within a 25-mile radius, and weve already made a difference in the lives of countless people just like you who want to spend more time doing what they love and less time cleaning. We'd love to hear from you, so don't hesitate to reach out today. Anecdotally, I have spoken to people who link the popularity of maid cafes to the intense nature of Japanese work culture. Where You Should Stay in Akihabara: 20 Best Hotels & Rentals For Visitors, Mipig Harajuku: We visit the new micro pig cafe in Tokyo. This cafe occasionally hosts events for fans of anime or video games, as well as live performances by the maids themselves. If you decide to order something from the menu, which is not mandatory, you will find the prices to be quite reasonable. My bacon egg andmore. However, given that local staff at these cafes usually use Japanese to speak with customers, regardless of whether a customer can understand Japanese, Minowhuski believes it can be difficult . The entertainment value you'll find here is unbeatable. We provide cleaning services with over 20 years of combined experience cleaning homes. These arent the images that usually come into ones head when thinking about maid cafes. If you think you would be too nervous about striking up a conversation with a maid, but still want to have a taste of what a maid cafe is like, then you don't want to miss visiting this place! One point to note the usual time youre allotted in the caf is one hour. Definitely frowned upon. What are some highly rated themed cafes in Miami, FL? Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid - Stagione 2 Episodio 1. The incantation? [April 2023 Start], Now Hiring Spring 2023 ALT Positions in Fukuoka Teach in Kyushu. In some establishments the customer can take a picture with the maids or play a game with them paying an extra price. The investment in the meter is a no brainer, for the experience. Food prices, along with extra charges like the aforementioned maid photos, help the experience to be savored as a special occasion. The menu at a maid caf is not much different from that of normal coffee shops, with coffee and tea, light foods such as sandwiches, and various desserts. Her first recommendation is @Home Cafe Akihabara. This little town in Tokyo is known for being the center for all things otaku, and if its a kitschy little day exploring themed cafes youre after then you cant go wrong here. We offer a complete cleaning service that includes the following: We also offer commercial cleaning for businesses all over Miami, from weekly office cleaning to party cleanup, post-renovation cleaning, moving in/out, and more. Suddenly she realized how obvious the answer was. According to Mariannu, there's room for plenty of variety among maid cafes as well, which means there are plenty of ways to enjoy them. Being the headquarters of otaku culture, Akihabara has a large number of maid cafs. Check your email for magic link to sign-in. It is a veteran cafe among those in Akihabara, and people say that it was the first one to be called a maid cafe. With just one app, TRAVEL JAPAN Wi-Fi which provides you with auto-connectable 200,000+ Wi-Fi hotspots across Japan makes your stay much happier and smarter ! Cafe Demetrio 400 Coffee & Tea Cafes Breakfast & Brunch $$ "This place is so good, that I am pretty sure the meter maids around there are also ninjas!" more Outdoor seating Delivery Takeout 2. This popular maid cafe has a total of four shops in Akihabara. We provide all the proper cleaning supplies, non-toxic supplies and top of the line equipment including bagless Miele Vacuums that filter 99.9% of dust/allergens and steam mops that provide a chemical-free way to clean and sanitize the floors in your home. It is common to see men and women who are not fans of anime and video games, and even couples. The Akihabara main shop is a spacious cafe that occupies the third to seventh floors of the building. Normally in all cafs they say isasshaimase (welcome) to the customer who arrives, and arigato gozaimashita . Our cleaning services Miamis Pros are individually vetted and trained to ensure we only hire the best miami cleaning lady to work in your home or business. Everybody knew who best girl was. Also, as some maids have not told their own families what they do for a living, its assumed that they want this kept secret, so this rule serves to prevent unwanted pictures. Just follow along as best as you can. Pretty big portions, fantastic coffee. The staff is very friendly, the ambient is amazing in whichmore, I've been meaning to try Rami's for awhile now (especially since it's a 2 minute drive from my house) but of course every time I want to go it's Saturday and they are closed. I also wish they were open on Sundays! So for those of you wanting some delicious afternoon tea and cakes, you can't go wrong with Cure Maid Cafe!". Besides the food, you can also play with the waitresses or watch live performances. The shop menu is available in English and Traditional Chinese at all four branches. Both owners are super friendly,and, charismatic. Popular items on the menu are foods that allow for fun interaction with the maids. Mariannu: "The concept is basically "pop idols." visit every kind of property and provide each of them with the superb cleaning experience customers have come to expect from Pro Housekeepers. What changes are, for example, the magic words that the waitresses pronounce while drawing something or writing with ketchup on the omu-rice to make it look more delicious, or when they decorate the dessert with syrup and chocolate. Published with, Youve successfully subscribed to Japanjunky. There are many maid cafes throughout Japan, with many concentrated in Tokyo prefecture, especially in otaku-heavy districts like Akihabara and Ikebukuro. The casino games here follow standard rules accepted internationally, so many foreign visitors find it easy to enjoy their time here by communicating with the maid staff through the universal language of the casino game they're playing. Using the 1XUSE concept is important to prevent the spread of these organisms into your home. Just South of Tokyo, Cherry Blossoms Have Come Early To This Enchanted Land! Today there are so many such cafs in Akihabara that they have become one of the peculiarities of that place. Some, however, lament that it's too tricky for complete newbies to the . Dal Dal went back to to make his order, then entire time pondering on who exactly was the "best girl". You can take commemorative photos with the maids in the shop with Polaroid instant cameras as well, but if you foresee your shyness getting in the way, consider trying out the "Photo Props Drink" option instead! Amidst the crowded field of maid cafe franchises, @Home Cafe is a favorite among domestic and international visitors. Our specialists clean thoroughly and we concentrate on making your Surfside Miami condo look great because we are dedicated to properly cleaning your home to meet your expectations. What better way to enjoy a maid cafe than to interact and take photos with the maids. In many maid cafs, you can order basic main meals these tend to be very expensive for what you get. Cleaning light fixtures, furniture, and window sills, Wiping the lampshades, pictures, and skirting boards, Cleaning all kitchen surfaces and appliances thoroughly, We also offer commercial cleaning for businesses all over Miami, from weekly office cleaning to party cleanup, post-renovation cleaning, moving in/out, and more. Motto Japan Media will provide a wide variety of information for Japanese fans all over the world, to create a cross-cultural environment and enrich the life of foreign residents in Japan! If you want to be sure that you will be satisfied with a cleaning service, choose a company or cleaner that will guarantee it. NY Maid Cafe is nothing but a castrated version of the "cosplay". The maids behave in quite a childlike fashion, and theres nothing inappropriate about the songs or dancing except for the fact that their uniform skirts can be quite short, which might not suit a conservative family. All of products we use have been tested and approved for safety, performance, surface compatibility, and stability. The Maids is the only residential cleaning service to clean for health; using, From Business: Coral Gables House Cleaning Call NOW 305-209-1621 Coral Gables House Cleaning is a house and commercial cleaning service serving Miami FL since 1995. The popularity of maid cafes in Japan has inspired cafes to open in other countries, including China, South Korea, and even in western countries such as Canada and the United States. Please be aware that you must purchase a separate ticket beforehand to enter the cafe! My favorite so far is the salmon toast with extra", All "Maid Cafe" results in Miami, Florida. Our cleaning service is one way to a healthier lifestyle and we are conscious of providing a non-toxic environment in your home. Panoramica: The self-proclaimed ultimate maid Tohru storms into a new maid cafe opening up soon with a sense of rivalry. Japanese maid cafs are all about fantasy wish-fulfilment. Its relaxed atmosphere doesnt impose any table fees or time limits. Maid Svc takes pride in cleaning your condo, we understand that you are retaining our services because you expect quality service. "Masters" and "Ladies" are often busy people and the titles are one of the elements that make the experience. House Cleaning Coral Gables Maid & Butler Services Website 21 YEARS IN BUSINESS (305) 209-1621 Enjoy your clean home backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee! While maid cafes do attract an increasing number of foreign tourists, they arent designed with this market in mind. This ticket covers the food fees and all other materials needed to make this event happen, as we are an independent maid cafe and not directly affiliated with OtakuFest. We hand pick our maids and make sure they are properly trained before providing cleaning services to your home. As soon as you enter the shop, a maid will welcome you with a cheerful "Welcome home, Master (or Princess)." @Home Caf Guests are referred to as "Master" or "Princess," and the same is true at other maid cafe chains. She loves tofu. With. Guests from overseas will be able to enjoy communicating with the team here by making use of a translation app like Google Translate. Always used on flooring, our steam cleaners offers a quick way to sanitize and refresh the floors throughout your house or condo. From Business: Serving East Dade and Southeast Broward, Great people service was amazing, call them again no doubts , the girl arrived on time, yard signal , uniforms , ecolab products they are really, As told by Lisa P "I hired Best Cleaning Company to clean my 98 year old aunt's home after she was placed in assisted living. We treat cleaning like a science, our staff takes pride in how we impact your home/condo and overall wellbeing.