Lats but not least, you can only attempt higher alchemy stone upgrades with higher Alchemy Tier (for example, Skilled, Professional, Artisan etc. IMPORTANT: Be sure you have plenty of space in your workers storage location! Simply use the (F5) key on your Alchemy Tool to use a repair tool. Autopath (T button) and done. The only good news I can give you, is that if you will be AFK-Alchemy-ing a lot, you will slowly amass them. The Khans Heart has 150 durability and can be repaired using Mystical Spirit Powder. The chance of getting a higher grade increases as your Alchemy Mastery increases. The chance to obtain the maximum amount of results per recipe will increase up to 50% (e.g. We currently dont know what it will be like on EU/NA version because the Imperial Packages are not available just yet. The Alchemy Mastery is also affected by items such as Mastery equipment or accessories. Therefore you can obtain more resulting items than before, when consuming the same amount of materials as before. Is it fast or efficient? (details below) and a daily alchemy quest from Liana to repair it. MMOs, CCGs, RPGs and many more, Steam-addict & achievement-w***e. Currently wasting life on BDO & Gacha Games. If you take your alchemy stone and you throw it into your recharge section, it will tell you that you need an ingredient to recharge. You will need to gather a lot of bloods from the 2nd group (deer, sheep, pig, waragon & ox) which is the easy part. In turn, increasing the buff stats. Basically, by polishing, you reach that level so you can proceed to growth. Next press Polishing. Below you can see which materials you can convert to EXP. Higher item grades will give you better stats. A higher Alchemy level will increase your chances of being successful. As I was saying before, this process can get quite expensive once you get to the higher alchemy stones of life. The item can be crafted or can drop directly from all Calpehon Elvia grind spots. Repair Tools can be stacked, placed into Storage, and moved by Maids/Butlers. You should consider the correct amount of cooking batches into the utensil and begin the process. buff.. The following new Spirit Stones were added. NOTE:The rates of fragments from chopping/sapping trees and mining is lower than butchering/bleeding animals or gathering herbs. These are the items that will let you recharge your stone, and the recharge amount they provide: In the second window, you can Polish your alchemy stone, therefore raising its XP (max 150%), and its chances of upgrading through Growth. You want to prioritize the alchemy mastery over the alchemy time unless you really dont have a lot of time to spend doing alchemy. Normal > T2 Green Grade > T3 Blue Grade > T4 > T5. I'm at a 6% upgrade chance for polished yellow destruction. Next press Growth. Profit heavily depends on the current market prices. Players with alchemy at apprentice level 1 or above can now try and upgrade all versions of alchemy stones. Here's my spreadsheet of my alchemy stones, maybe you can throw it against some of your data. When you turn in an Alchemy Box, you can gain up to 46% more profit if your Alchemy level or Alchemy Mastery is high. Growth Alchemy Stones All you need to do is click growth. New Blue grade Mastery equipment and items have been added. There used to be a misconception about Weeds, that they are a trash-vendor item, but this is not the case. Decent EXP. All right, the most important thing first. In the growth section, you will be shown the tears that you can get. The alchemy level of your character can also impact your chance. You can attempt an alchemy stone growth at 80%. As a side note, alchemy stones and upgrading can be costly, so if you dont have the extra money or silver lying on the side, I really wouldnt recommend upgrading one of these for yourself. The Green grade Mastery gear can increase the Alchemy Mastery depending on the enhancement level, and once the enhancement level surpasses a certain point, additional effects such as reducing the time needed for Alchemy can be added. Higher Alchemy Mastery increases the chance of obtaining a higher grade Spirit Stone. Players have leveled to Guru on reagents, but as you grow in levels, it may be cheaper just to buy them on the marketplace and use them to craft higher tier recipes for better profit and more exp. Market Price: 42,200 Silver. These have the greatest chance to drop Fireflake Flower Seed. New Life Skill items which can be conveniently purchased through NPC shops were added. A lot of people use life stones for all that proper life scaling. BDO Alchemy Guide. Again, an easy material, since theres a total of 6 gathering nodes that produce Powder of Time, and its a good idea to use a Human Worker on them, preferably Skilled at least. New alchemy recipes have also been added to create the materials needed for the new spirit stones. However, that statement would need a ton of data as a backup, to prove that in the long term its a better investment. Did not finish my comment even though it put several black stones in, it apparently only used one of them. While crating Alchemy recipes, you will proc an extra dish, called Mysterious Catalyst. Based upon Summer#8727 advice for leveling Alchemy with edits by me to include more resources. 10 Skills that give up to +5% Gathering/Alchemy XP. NOTE: Some higher durability Alchemy Tools have a penalty buff that slows your time and are best used for extended periods of AFK crafting. Nieves Location: Calpheon City. Alchemy is an important profession/life skill in BDO. The rates of fragments from chopping/sapping trees and mining is lower than butchering/bleeding animals or gathering herbs. Processing > Grind > Spirit Stones to create Alchemy Stone Shard, used in crafting Vells Heart and Black Stone (Armor). You can obtain an unenhanced Blessed alchemy stone and x1 Crystallized Despair by extracting the improved alchemy stone with a Mirror of Equilibrium. Then, use the tick button instead to activate your Alchemy Stone when you want to use it. For a detailed guide on how to purchase a home and the best Residence locations, please view our Residence Guide. But NPC vendors have an unlimited supply. For imperfect stones, meaning the white ones, you will only need 50 special strawberries to cross into the 100% threshold, whereas for a sturdy alchemy stone of life, you would need 200 to 250 special strawberries. Supreme Alchemy Tool and Advanced Alchemy Tool can be repaired. Yellow is the best one so far. Quest Requirements Alchemy Master 10or Alchemy Mastery 800. Broken Alchemy Stone Shard: Skilled 1: 10 - Shining Powder 3 - Sinner's Blood 5 - Powder of Time 10 - Pure Powder Reagent 10 - Clear Liquid Reagent: Alchemy Ingredient. With these you can rent a fence and farm some select alchemy ingredients. Place your Alchemy Stone and choose your recharging Mats. Find the nearest one by clicking the Find NPC icon on the top right of your window (It looks like a magnifying glass). Great EXP. Flawless Stones, used to craft Spirit Stones, require Tenacious Origin of Life and Rough Opulent Crystal. You can pack alchemy or cooking boxes each day and deliver them to an Imperial Crafting Delivery NPC for silver. Magic Crystals required for Alchemy recipes have unique rules. Energy cost is usually 35 dont be surprised if you pass out from utter exhaustion for speaking so effusively to your sneaky Node Manager. They are decently low priced at the moment. All you have to do is click growth, and the fail penalty will be the XP decrease. Also, you can easily enhance them by using the Black Gem and Concentrated Magical Black Gem. Alchemy Mastery clothes give a bonus to Alchemy time, but dont give Alchemy Exp. Oil of Regeneration Oil of Storms Oil of Fortitude Oil of Corruption Oil of Tranquility. So to answer your question, the Alchemy level will determine how much Shining Powder you make for example. In BDO, alchemy stones are items that can give the player benefits that depend on the type of stone in use. It is turned into Bofin of Olvia for the following: To easily find the NPC, right click Mysterious Catalyst and select NPC Location. You then need to select the Polishingoption and put the material in the top slot and your Alchemy Stone in the bottom slot. Which stats?? To attempt growth, you will need to enter the alchemy stone window, select growth, and use 1 Black Stone (weapon) to attempt the enhancement. Required fields are marked *, one of the most profitable BDO activities, All these items have a (0.042%) chance of dropping Shining Powder:. What I would suggest in this situation is farming and growing your special strawberries because by increasing your own, you wont need to buy them off the market, and thus you will be saving a little bit of extra silver. To level your Alchemy Stone you must put extra materials into it to convert it to EXP. We would also like to give a huge thank you to Ashelin for previously hosting the site, our guide contributors, and Luis for everything he has done. Imperial Alchemy is the process of taking Alchemy Items and putting them into a box. This is an added boost for players who have spent hours leveling the Alchemy Life Skill. Please enter your username or email address. Overall, Alchemy ingredients are more challenging than Cooking ingredients. Select the Growth tab in your Alchemy Stone menu, and place a Blackstone (weapon) in the top slot and your stone in the bottom slot. When doing alchemy you really want to achieve the fastest possible alchemy time for your convenience. (Entering more will consume all of your ingredients and only give you 1 result. There are many items you can obtain that will buff your Alchemy Mastery or Life Mastery level. Izaros Riding Crop is available for purchase from Izaro of Heidel, Zaaira of Velia, and Geranoa of Calpheon, and is also available from stable keepers who have the Amity shop function. The fact that I am seeing pretty much identical success rates at m22 alchemy compared to the datamined rates also supports this. You can click the alchemy tab in the inventory where you will find three options: recharge, polish, and growth. Ideally, to get 1 second alchemy time, you would want to use: Pearl store costume (-2s), Advanced Alchemy Tool (-1s), Mastery Clothing if possible, or +3 Silver Embroidered Alchemists Clothes (-4s), Sharp Alchemy Stone of Life (-1.4s) and Seafood Cron Meal (-0.6s). It has attracted a broad audience thanks to its very appealing graphics that paint a vast open-world with endless possibilities and activities, not to mention countless options for character customization. +3/+4 Silver Embroidered Alchemists Clothes OR TET Gorgath/TRI Manos Alchemists Clothes: -4s/-5s, +3 Silver Embroidered Alchemists Clothes. Then click OK and you will automatically make as many as you have ingredients or energy for. You can enhance Life Skill Mastery items up to PEN (V), and the higher the enhancement level, the more the Mastery will increase. All Alchemy recipes are shown. The more EXP your stone has, the better chance you will have of the enhancement being successful. There is a chance for the stone to evolve up a star level when successfully levelling it to +3 . You can find them in the marketplace, in the Alchemy stones section on the left. If the Alchemy level or Alchemy Mastery is high when performing Alchemy, the chance to obtain the maximum amount of resulting items can be increased by up to 50%. When you get to sturdy and then to sturdy yellow, they provide a lot better stats. There are several NPC Vendors you can use in Alchemy. Below is just the first few levels. If this is not the case, and you are a new Alchemist, then read on: You dont want to start crafting alchemy stones with a low Alchemy level, as a) you cant, and b) its a huge waste of money. There are 3 types of Craftable Alchemy Stones. Alchemy Stone Shards in order to craft Vells Heart. A basic Alchemy Tool can be bought from an Alchemist for 5,000 silver, crafted using a Tool Workshop, or bought from the Central Market. I have many fail retries from Rough to Polished at 150% while Im still professional. Life Skill Mastery clothes can be enhanced up to +5 without failure. There is a Mushroom Vendor located in Calpheon City. Empty Crystal2,500 silver @ General Goods. Gathering Level Requirement: Apprentice 2+. You can create them and use them for yourself, or you can also make some additional profit by selling them at the Central Market. You can also report an error quickly using the "Report Error" button in the bottom left, or for longer queries, contact us using the contact form on our About Us page. Alchemy stones can be upgraded from Level 1 through Level 8, and they come in 4 different rarities (grades). Open your Inventory and find the button to open the alchemy window. If you succeed you will get your new alchemy stone in the side box. For the Life Skill Mastery patch notes, please click . (Higher Alchemy level and Alchemy Mastery will allow you to produce more using the same Durability.). Dont take the profit numbers for granted. The higher the Alchemy level or Alchemy Mastery is, the higher the chance to obtain a higher grade Spirit Stone will be. You can grind these Spirit Stones using Processing (L) > Grinding to obtain between 10-30 Mystical Spirit Powder. You have a low chance to obtain Black Gems by butchering monsters you Hunt. I just attempted my first growth of my Imperfect Life stone I created, it had over 100% EXP and I used 2 black stones to attempt the growth. Click the Alchemy Tool icon then mouse over to the room and click again. The proc rate starts at 0.15 and increases up to a maximum of 0.3, 10 levels after the requirement for the recipe. Another popular choice is Olvia due to the repeatable Alchemy quests there. You can probably see why Alchemy is often called a veterans Life Skill and not beginner friendly. Seeds for Mushrooms (aka hypha) and herbs are obtained on the marketplace or as a rare drop by gathering its plant with a hoe. Lost your password? Unlike cooking, theres no single recipe that can be spammed out for good EXP without either throwing away money or running into bottlenecks. Below are the crystal names and stats available for purchase from a vendor NPC. This is true for most herbs and mushrooms. The recipe to create an Alchemy Stone is: You wont create an Alchemy Stone every time, sometimes you may fail and get a broken Alchemy Stone which can be sold to a merchant for 5,000 silver. Luna, Im not quite sure what do you mean about the alchemy level. I do recommend you obtain the Advanced Alchemy Tool. Recharge is where the durability of your alchemy stone runs out every single time you use it. Gathering & Alchemy starts at Professional 1. - Description: The concentrated Alchemy Stone of Vell. And is it the same using 1 black stone or more in every growth attempt? For more information, check our Alchemy Stone guide. The base Alchemy Tool and the Balenos Traditional Alchemy Tool can be bought from a general goods vendor for the prices listed below. For alchemy stones to recharge, it says on the description on the item what you need to use to recharge it. After upgrading the alchemy stone to a Blessed Alchemy stone, you can upgrade it once more to obtain an additional 2 DP. Thanks a ton for your kind words Kaizee! what you will expect to get. Exchange one Supreme/Advanced Alchemy Tool with max durability to NPC Dalishain in a major city to exchange it for one repair tool. Our Alchemy Recipes list will allow you to filter to view only beginner alchemy recipes. - Marketplace Information. If you decide to buy some of the materials, for example, half of the required amount, you are going to lose out on some of that silver. It failed. ENHANCING MY ALCHEMY STONE TO SHARP | Black Desert Online Gameplay / BDO | [ PC Xbox ] FakeUni 36.6K subscribers Join Subscribe 217 Share Save 27K views 4 years ago Make sure to check me out. Just make sure you remember to turn it off again afterward! Do NOT throw away the Advanced Alchemy Tool when the Durability is used up, because you will be able to repair its durability every day with a quest. A guide to the Alchemy life skill in Black Desert Online. you can only use a single black stone each time, although the UI might be a bit confusing on that Barehanded Gathering (excludes Golem gathering), Butchering (Hunting with a Matchlock/Sniper Rifle and then butchering will provide Black Gem Fragments as well.). Clowns Blood when wolf blood costs >5k. You must have the appropriate repair tools in your inventory to repair their durability. The Protection stones just dont seem to raise the same interest to people on the market. You can check a box in your inventory, to make the alchemy stone automatically renew the cooldown, when it finishes. Mystical Spirit Powder is used to repair the durability of some other Alchemy Stones. . I personally always go for the max chance, with 150% XP. ? Each of the spirit stones has a green version and a blue version. Herbs, mushrooms, and traces can be obtained by investing Contribution Points in worker nodes. But I guess its one more thing that will get fixed with all the UI updates we get! (low chance when handing in Alchemy Boxes). Manos gear is the best, but also extremely expensive to enhance. . You can then sell your Cooking (ALCHEMY) package by clicking the middle button to open the trading window.. Item Effect Alchemy Mastery +3 (up to +280 for PEN)Alchemy Time -0 to -4 seconds, PRI to PEN Enhancement:Concentrated Magical Black Gem. Izaros Horse Crop is available for purchase from Izaro of Heidel, Zaaira of Velia, and Geranoa of Calpheon, and is also available from stable keepers who have the Amity shop function. It upgraded but not sure that the extra stones made any difference. Here you can select ingredients or a recipe from the list highlighted in blue. The following Alchemy Stones can be upgraded using this new item: Grinding/growth is possible even with an improved alchemy stone, but if the growth level drops due to failure in growth, the improvement is canceled and the Blessed Soul Fragment disappears. The other alternative is to use the Intermediate Alchemy Tool which has less durability but does not give the alchemy time reduction. There are multiple different kinds of alchemy stones. The following herbs are sold for about 500 silver each: NOTE: NPC Alchemy vendors usually have more expensive pricing than the Marketplace. Rough Alchemy Stone of Destruction gives x7 Alchemy Stone Shards). The first vendor youll need, will probably be a General Goods Vendor, located in all major towns and cities. Press P key > Life Skill tabto view your Alchemy Mastery. If you are new to the game with little Contribution, money, and resources, just purchase a cheap Alchemy Tool from the vendor for 5,000 silver. Equip Alchemy Mastery Gear before turning in any boxes to increase your silver. Spirit stones can be bought relatively cheaply, and you get the same stats as a sturdy stone of any of the three types. Techthons Processing Stones can be purchased from the following NPCs for 10 million Silver. You can also buy them directly from the Central Market. In my case, at the bottom of the list, I have the Rough Alchemy Stone of Life, which is white, the Green Imperfect, and the Green Rough. The ingredient amounts you will find in many discussions and articles will only make you lose a good amount of rare resources, and scare you away from one of the most profitable BDO activities (if it does scare you, better look up at afk processing, or afk horse training for the braver ones). You may have a hard time buying these off the marketplace and should make them yourself if you can. If you want to create the new Spirit Stones, you need a special material called "Reagent of Harmonious Spirits". Late Night Talks with PA 3rd August 2022, More info in our Artifacts and Lightstone Guide, Crer des pierres dalchimie | Les Chroniques de Brindebidouille, Lalchimie impriale | Les Chroniques de Brindebidouille, Mysteries of Summer 2020 Walkthrough Guide, [Wandering Alchemist] Dalishain located in any major city or Velia, Dropped from monsters in Kamaslyvia region, [A Fragment of a Star, a Spoonful of the Moon]. Pressing the "Growth" button will initiate the attempt. Buy Empty Bottle from Material Vendor, and right-click it while standing on a river (the Heidel fountain works too). These Spirit Stones cannot be repaired and only have 20 durability. There are also repeatable quests you can do that give Alchemy Exp and Alchemy materials. The Seed Vendor in Calpheon City has some of the best seeds available from an NPC vendor. 16-hours / day in front of the screen entrepreneur, of which 6+ are spent on gaming. Sky Mushroom and Ghost Mushroom are probably the most difficult to find on the Marketplace from the list above. You can craft other T2 bloods as well, if you have a use for them. To make them, go to your alchemy tool. 30 Polished Stone 15 Usable Scantling 24 Melted Iron Shard 20 Black Stone Powder. I would suggest making alchemy stones if you are artisan alchemy because that gives you the highest chance of getting shiny powder and of making alchemy stones instead of broken alchemy shards. (source) That means every 500 crafts, you can get 200 of your choice of rare alchemy ingredient or Exp. Alchemy is indeed my favorite lifeskill too. In turn, increasing the buff stats. It also increases your Imperial Alchemy profits. All Rights Reserved. Polishing raises the XP of an alchemy stone for it to grow to the next grade or level. Other Craftable Alchemy Stones Other Spirit Stones (Alchemy Stones) can be crafted when your Alchemy Mastery is over 500 points. Each stone type requires a different set of materials in order to raise its XP, specifically: You can check how much XP each item provides on the table below: Many people argue that the most profitable Growth attempts are made at 80% XP, since its the lowest amount where you can have an actual attempt. You can obtain the Alchemy Stone Shard by Grinding the newly added Spirit Stones. . Craft Lightstones, vs paying Dalishain 20mil for 1. sell basic Alchemy Tools and an ingredient for crystal making. Some Alchemy Stones can be recharged to gain durability again, but can cost a lot, so I recommend unbinding your (U) key in your Interface > Action Hotkey settings so that you dont accidentally press it. To obtain the Treants Tear, you need to complete a short questline starting at Fughar, that gives an introduction to all the Life Skills. Another hypothesis is that you need to reach a certain threshold of silver to get the next gain. , Lucky is the one who encounters this while slaving over an Alchemy Tool! Increased Mastery per Enhancement level (Blue grade Outfit, Tools). The above items will receive Enhancement Chance +1 when you fail enhancement at +8 and above. On the left, it is going to show the tiers that you can get. The newly added Spirit Stones have a low durability of 20 and you cannot perform Recharge, Polishing, or Growth, but they have the same effects as the existing Spirit Stones and are cheaper. If you mass enhances, you cut down on the probability that it is going to fail. Seiri Location: Duvencrune, Dreighan capital city, Alchemy Tool Durability: Each Alchemy recipe you make, will reduce the Durability on an Alchemy Tool by 1. This website is not affiliated with Kakao Games or Pearl Abyss.